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Vivek Bali is advocating for the reinstatement of full statehood and the preservation of special rights under Article 371.

Vivek Bali, the State General Secretary of JDU J&K, has called upon the government to promptly conduct assembly elections in Jammu and Kashmir, citing the authorities’ apparent failure to gain the confidence of the people.

Vivek Bali is advocating for the reinstatement of full statehood and the preservation of special rights under Article 371. He criticizes the BJP, alleging misinformation regarding the situation in J&K. He emphasizes the plight of youth unemployment and economic challenges for traders. His call includes a demand for elections in J&K, aiming to safeguard democratic rights and address the restoration of full statehood along with special rights under Article 371.

In a press statement issued on December 4th, Vivek Bali urged party leaders and workers to strengthen their ties with the masses at the grassroots level. Emphasizing the importance of enhanced public outreach, he stated, “It is crucial for our leaders to stay connected with the people and understand their concerns at the grassroots level.”

Vivek Bali highlighted the growing challenges faced by the region, particularly the surge in unemployment across private and government sectors. “The authorities seem unwilling to address the projected demands of the people, leading to a multiplication of issues. The escalating number of educated unemployed individuals further exacerbates the gravity of the situation,” Vivek Bali remarked.

Expressing concern over the absence of an elected government, Vivek Bali emphasized the urgent need for assembly elections. “The people are in great distress without an elected government. Holding assembly elections is vital as an elected government is accountable to the people, unlike bureaucrats who lack direct answerability,” he stated.

Vivek Bali rallied the party cadre for upcoming PRI and Urban Local Body elections in Jammu and Kashmir. He urged them to organize public meetings and intensify door-to-door campaigns. “The people must have their own elected government that can work for them and address their needs, which the present form of government is unable to fulfill,” Vivek Bali added.

In a show of solidarity with democratic forces and the people of Jammu and Kashmir, Vivek Bali pledged support for their struggle to restore their rights. As the region grapples with pressing issues, Bali’s call for swift assembly elections resonates with those seeking responsive governance to address the challenges faced by the people.

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