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“Trailblazing Journey of Dr. Sameera Aziz – A Media Maven and Entrepreneurial Visionary”

Dr. Sameera Aziz, a Saudi media personality and businesswoman based in Jeddah, serves as the Chairperson of the ‘Sameera Aziz Group of Companies,’ abbreviated as SAG. Born in Saudi Arabia, she holds Saudi citizenship and has carved out a niche as a hardworking media genius.

With a PhD in Mass Media and an unwavering work ethic, and armed with a Master’s degree in International Relations and postgraduate studies in Investigative Journalism, Mass Communication, and Filmmaking, Dr. Sameera possesses a wealth of educational qualifications to complement her extensive experience.

Dr. Sameera embarked on her illustrious career 25 years ago as an Investigative Journalist and Media Person for foreign languages. Trained under the late Prince Ahmed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz AlSaud, former chairperson of the Saudi Research & Marketing Group and son of the present Saudi King, she emerged as one of the pioneering female media figures in Saudi Arabia. Breaking barriers in a male-dominated society, she fearlessly conducted undercover sting operations. Her journey led her to become an editor in Urdu news and later the senior International Editor at Saudi Gazette, Okaz. While maintaining close ties with the Saudi Ministry of Media, her entrepreneurial spirit drove her to establish ventures that reflect her commitment to her country’s advancement and humanitarian causes.

Today, Dr. Sameera is renowned as a versatile professional, excelling as a Journalist, Filmmaker, Writer, Speaker, Poet, TV & Radio Presenter, and Social & Political Analyst. She embraces diverse roles, including being a YouTuber, Actress & Theatre Artist, Brand Endorser, Master of Ceremonies, and Moderator as hobbies. Under her visionary leadership, the SAG encompasses a broad spectrum of business ventures, spanning Advertising Agency, Construction, Film Productions, Shopping Centers, Events, Food, Transportation, and Import and Export sectors. She ambitiously expands her business ventures and portfolio.

Additionally, Dr. Sameera holds the honorary title of “Princess” in the Sultanate of Buayan-Philippines and serves as an Ambassador of Women and Children for Peace, Unity, and Development under SPMUDA, an organization affiliated with the United Nations. She was elected as a Director of the Global Sports Federation, accredited by the United Nations, securing the votes of 83 countries. Furthermore, she was elected as the Global Chief of the World Union of Poets for Urdu. Beyond her entrepreneurial pursuits, she has made significant literary contributions, marked by the historic milestone of authoring the first-ever Urdu novel in Saudi Arabia.


Dr. Sameera actively participates in conferences, leveraging her multilingual skills in Urdu and English to promote Saudi Arabia’s positive image globally. She has hosted, directed, produced, and reported on numerous international events, documentaries, and films, including comprehensive coverage of Hajj occasions for Saudi TV. Notably, she organized and achieved a Guinness World Record for the World’s Biggest Human Mosaic Picture, showcasing her leadership and strategic acumen.

Throughout her illustrious career, Dr. Sameera has received numerous honors and awards, including the Great Woman Award in the Middle East. She is a prolific writer, excelling in various literary forms such as poetry, novels, short stories, stage and screenplays, and journalism. Renowned for her professionalism, intellect, and integrity, Dr. Sameera continues to inspire and make significant contributions to the fields of media, business, sports, entertainment, and literature.

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