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CherishX.com Spearheads celebratory events décor landscape- surpasses 1lac projects in Delhi NCR and 2lac across India

CherishX.com, a celebratory event decoration company, recently completed 1lac projects in Delhi NCR, taking their total number of successfully completed nationwide projects to 2 lac. The milestone underscores the pivotal role of the agency in revolutionizing the way we approach décor services for our memorable events. 

Very often do we see a company turning into a trailblazer in a territory that not many dare to tread. To that end, CherishX.com is here not just to defy the norm, but also to shape the dynamic evolution of the country’s celebration ecosystem. 

We live in a world where our mornings start with cab bookings and nights end with on-demand food orders. It is only fair that the paradigm of celebratory décor should undergo a remarkable shift. And CherishX.com is leading the way. Standing at the forefront of the evolution, the on-call service décor company is catalyzing change with the highest quality of materials, on-time services, perfect decoration, and hassle-free booking process. 

Today, the rise of e-commerce has induced a need for convenience among consumers. Individuals now seek quick commerce solutions for last-minute planning of their occasions.  

Identifying this emerging trend, CherishX.com centrals the way by offering services in a short span of just 2 hours for any decor requirement in any city in India. Customers rest assured that their booking is in capable hands, free from the risk of a no-show or any logistics challenge. Needless to say, the milestone is an utter example of the quality of service being provided. 

Besides offering unparalleled services, CherishX.com is going the extra mile to embrace the ethos of sustainability. The company prioritizes environmental conservation, which is reflected through its conscious choices and innovative practices. Adopting the use of biodegradable latex balloons ensures minimal ecological impact with quicker decomposition. The company also uses recycled plastics and fibers in decoration materials, reducing the carbon footprint, thereby promoting eco-conscious celebrations. 

The company was founded by Mayank Singhania and Ichchit Agarwal, to cater to emerging quick commerce solutions. According to the officials, this recent development paves the way for new services and opportunities in the sector. With such accomplishments, the founders can foresee their vision of redefining celebrations and creating magical moments turn tangible.

The official CherishX.com website currently serves as a destination brimming with inventive services and products. Visit https://cherishx.com/ to explore it all.

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