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Nagpur District Sets Elite World Records with Voter Awareness Lesson Engaging 8100 Participants

On April 9, 2024, in Nagpur District, Maharashtra, India, a remarkable achievement promoting electoral participation and civic engagement unfolded. Under the leadership of Dr. Vipin Itankar, IAS, District Election Officer and Saumya Sharma, IAS, SVEEP Nodal Officer, 8,100 participants gathered for a Voter Awareness Lesson, setting a new world record. Dr. Abhijeet Chaudhari, Commissioner of Nagpur Municipal Corporation, also contributed to this initiative. Certified by Elite World Records and India Records Academy, the event received accolades from Ameet K. Hingorani, Senior Adjudicator at Elite World Records, and Jeganthan Palanisamy, Senior Records Manager at India Records Academy. This impactful endeavour aimed to strengthen democratic values and was a testament to effective public service leadership.


Dr. Vipin Itankar, IAS, District Election Officer and Collector of Nagpur, launched “Mission Distinction 75%” in Nagpur district to achieve a minimum 75% voter turnout, enhancing democratic participation and civic engagement. This initiative aims to mobilize and encourage eligible voters to exercise their democratic rights actively. As part of the mission, a Voter Awareness Lesson covered topics such as the Importance of Voting, Polling Booth and EVM information, and voting procedures for Persons with Disabilities (PWD). Participants learned their responsibilities and committed to ensuring inclusive electoral participation. Led by the District Collector, a mass pledge concluded the session, emphasizing collective commitment to democratic values and active electoral involvement.


Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Vipin Itankar IAS, the District Election Officer and Collector, emphasized the mission’s distinct focus on increasing voter turnout and spreading awareness. He highlighted the importance of conducting voter awareness programs to enhance democratic values and foster informed decision-making. Dr. Itankar emphasized that engaging citizens in meaningful discussions about the electoral process significantly contributes to strengthening the foundations of democracy. He noted that the record-breaking turnout of 8100 participants stands as a testament to the success of the voter awareness campaign in Nagpur District, emphasizing how this achievement will help spread awareness and encourage greater civic participation. Nagpur’s SVEEP initiative targets minimum 75% voter turnout with tailored strategies that involve engaging marginalized groups, schools, local media, and industry partnerships. Activities include radio broadcasts, cinema advertisements, and local events such as marathons and cyclothons. QR-coded materials and youth competitions are used to promote awareness and maximize electoral participation, he further detailed.




Saumya Sharma IAS, SVEEP Nodal Officer and Chief Executive Officer of Zilla Parishad, highlighted the mission’s focus on increasing voter turnout and awareness. Achieving the Elite World Records with 8100 participants sets a new standard, inspiring civic responsibility globally. This milestone underscores community engagement’s vital role in sustainable societies and will boost voter perception and polling percentage. Let this achievement catalyse collective action, shaping a brighter future for generations, she concluded.


Dr. Abhijeet Chaudhari, Commissioner of the Nagpur Municipal Corporation, emphasized the mission’s focus on increasing voting turnout and awareness. This achievement exemplifies democratic principles in action, demonstrating collective commitment to civic engagement. Pledges made post-awareness sessions signify dedication to upholding democracy’s values. This endeavour represents united voices shaping the future, he further detailed.


Ameet K. Hingorani, Senior Adjudicator and Ambassador at Elite World Records, highlighted the strategic design of the Voter Awareness Lesson, conducted exclusively in Hindi, to educate citizens on the significance of voting and electoral processes. The 45-minute lesson covered vital topics including voter registration, ballot measures, voting rights, and electoral systems. Hingorani praised the initiative’s interactive approach, using formats like Audio-Visual Presentations, Live Concerts, and Drama performances to engage diverse demographics. He expressed delight in conferring the Elite World Record title for engaging the highest number of participants in this lesson.


P. Jeganathan, Senior Records Manager at India Records Academy, highlighted an event led by a team of dedicated instructors, including the district collector and four educators, who conducted an informative and accessible session. Their focus extended beyond imparting knowledge to instilling a sense of duty and responsibility among attendees for active engagement in the forthcoming elections. A pivotal aspect was participants pledging to exercise their voting rights, signifying the impact of initiatives in fostering electoral responsibility and democratic participation. Jeganathan expressed confidence in the lesson’s positive impact on voter turnout in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, emphasizing India Records Academy’s pride in certifying this voter awareness lesson with the highest number of participants, a first-of-its-kind achievement.


In conclusion, events such as the Voter Awareness Lesson play a crucial role in empowering communities by providing them with the knowledge and understanding needed to make informed electoral decisions. As India prepares for its next election cycle, the effects of initiatives like these are expected to be evident in the heightened engagement and participation of citizens in shaping the trajectory of the democracy.


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