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Historic collaboration: World Famous King’s College now opens its wings in North India in Gurugram

In a transformative stride toward redefining educational paradigms, Global Educational Venture (GEV) and SVIET have officially signed an agreement to establish the branch of the esteemed King’s College UK in Gurugram. 


This groundbreaking collaboration, commemorated at the illustrious Burj Al Arab in Dubai, signals a monumental shift in the educational landscape of North India.


Legacy of King’s College UK: A Beacon of Education for around 150 Years.


King’s College based in UK has stood as a cornerstone of education, illuminating minds and shaping futures for over a century and a half. With a legacy spanning around 150 years, King’s College based in the UK stands as a beacon of academic excellence, having produced a multitude of scholars, athletes, and leaders across various disciplines globally. Led by distinguished figures,  the institution has garnered renown for its unwavering commitment to fostering holistic development and intellectual growth.


The historic signing ceremony, attended by eminent personalities including Richard Biggs, CEO of GEV, and Managing Trustee of SVIET and many other distinguished guests and educationists, marked a pivotal moment in the journey towards elevating educational standards. 



Mr. Richard Biggs, CEO of GEV, who also is the former headmaster of the King’s College based in the UK, emphasised upon the importance of quality holistic education and also about the educational standards maintained in the UK and European countries. He eloquently elucidated on the educational philosophy underpinning the institute’s collective vision for the future. The holistic curriculum has been refined over 140 years of teaching excellence and is rich in variety, including art, music, drama and sport. Specialist teachers are assigned for each subject to allow optimum learning, which is a unique approach when compared with other schools in India.


Amidst an atmosphere charged with anticipation and excitement, Michelle Schneider, board of governor of King’s College UK Gurugram, conveyed heartfelt appreciation to all stakeholders for their invaluable support and guidance. Schneider pledged to uphold the illustrious legacy and uncompromising standards synonymous with the King’s College ethos.


Further insights into the vision and strategic plans for King’s College UK Gurugram were shared by her. She underscored the institution’s commitment to maintaining unparalleled standards, ethos, and values, ensuring a seamless integration with the esteemed lineage of King’s College. This will be an opportunity for pupils from all over the world to appreciate a first-rate British independent school education that embraces the values, ethos and excellence of world famous King’s College UK.


The establishment of King’s College UK Gurugram marks a watershed moment in the educational landscape, promising to nurture a new generation of leaders, innovators, and global citizens. With a steadfast dedication to excellence and a rich heritage to draw upon, this collaboration sets the stage for an era of unparalleled academic achievement and societal impact with a  promising future for international education in India, paving the way for enhanced opportunities to gain admission to prestigious international universities.


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