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Emerging Bharat Welfare Foundation and Haider Sports Academy Host “The Sports Personality Awards” in Bandipora J&K

On Saturday, April 20, 2024, a special sports awards event was held in the afternoon at the Boys High Secondary School auditorium in Bandipora, Jammu & Kashmir. The Sports Personality Awards event was jointly organized by the Emerging Bharat Welfare Foundation, led by Bobby Siddhu, and the Haider Sports Academy, founded by Tajamul Islam. This celebration was not just about sports but also about recognizing the relentless spirit of athletes from various backgrounds.

The chief guest for the afternoon was Mr. Vipin Patwa, a renowned Bollywood music director and singer. Notable for his dynamic contributions to Indian cinema, Vipin Patwa has both composed and sung pieces such as the powerful “Vande Mataram” for the movie “Veer Savarkar,” along with other memorable songs in films like “De De Pyaar De,” “Laal Rang,” and “Daas Dev.” His work skillfully blends traditional and modern musical styles, creating rich, culturally resonant soundtracks.

Additional dignitaries included the Guest of Honour Mr. ADC Bhandipora and Mr. Bharat Singh, the Second Commandant of the CRPF, both of whom brought further prestige to the ceremony.

A pivotal figure behind the scenes was Mr. Gulam Mohammed, the father of Tajamul Islam. His tireless efforts were instrumental in organizing the event, ensuring its success. Many important guests attended the event, each adding their support and encouragement for the athletes. The awards aimed to honor those who have excelled in their sports disciplines, celebrating their achievements in a grand manner.

During the event, athletes were awarded not only trophies but also cash prizes to recognize their hard work and success. This gesture highlighted the foundation’s commitment to not only honor these athletes but also support them financially in their sports careers. The event was inclusive, celebrating athletes with disabilities and showing that everyone has a chance to succeed in sports.

Bobby Siddhu emphasized the foundation’s commitment to nurturing young talent across India. He encouraged everyone to follow their social media to get help and support in sports. Plans were also announced for organizing more events like this across India to find and assist more young athletes.

The organization uses social media to connect with young people and athletes, sharing updates about their events and how they are supporting sports development across the country. They also have plans to keep supporting young sports talents in different parts of India.

The event was a success because many people, especially Mr. Gulam Mohammed, worked together to make it happen. Bobby Siddhu thanked everyone who helped and participated. The event showed that with support and encouragement, young athletes can achieve great things.

The Sports Personality Awards in Bandipora were about celebrating young athletes and showing that sports are for everyone. The Emerging Bharat Welfare Foundation and Haider Sports Academy are committed to helping young athletes across India, proving that with the right support, every athlete can shine.

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