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Credit Card Trends in India: Techmagnate’s New Report Provides Valuable Industry Insights

New Delhi, India – Techmagnate, a leading SEO company in New Delhi, has released a new report pertaining to the credit card industry trends in India. The report provides a view into changing consumer behaviors and preferences. 

Understanding what customers want is crucial for brands who want to boost their online presence and for brands in the credit card industry, the story is no different. When it comes to choosing credit cards, the general population has many questions and options, so they spend a good amount of time researching what’s out there before they fill out their applications. 

But what are they actually looking for? And what’s driving the changes in the industry landscape? These are the questions that the report from Techmagnate seeks to answer. 

The Credit Card Trends Report from Techmagnate examines over 19,800 keywords to analyze brand and non-brand queries, types of searches, and growth opportunities in the credit card industry.

According to Sarvesh Bagla, CEO & Founder, of Techmagnate, this report is a great starting point for digital marketers who want to target their online audience better. 

“The credit card industry in India has evolved significantly, with multiple players emerging and growing at a rapid pace. Our report shows their growth and the overall credit card trends India is experiencing right now. It’s really interesting stuff once you start to dig into it because we are  presenting brands with an actionable opportunity for connecting with diverse markets.” 


Key Highlights from the Report 




  • Search Volume Growth: A 14.62% increase in overall search volume for Credit Card-related keywords in 2023, signaling a growing demand in the market.
  • Top Brands and Co-Brand Cards: SBI Card (up by 7.38%), HDFC Bank (up by 5.37%) , and Axis Bank (23.08%) emerged as top performers by search volume, while co-branded cards like Onecard (up by an eye-opening 77%) and Tata Card/Neu Card (up by more than 200%) demonstrated impressive growth rates.
  • City-Wise Search Volumes: Delhi, Bengaluru, and Hyderabad were identified as the top cities regarding Credit Card searches, providing valuable insights for targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Vernacular Search Volumes: The country saw a significant growth in vernacular language searches, indicating credit-oriented curiosity and readiness beyond India’s metro cities. 

For more information and detailed insights, download credit card trends report from Techmagnate. 

About Techmagnate

Techmagnate is India’s leading digital marketing agency, providing comprehensive digital marketing services. We specialize in working with enterprise-level clients to optimize their online presence and achieve digital marketing goals. We use a combination of data analytics, technology, and industry expertise to develop and execute effective marketing campaigns that drive results.

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