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High-rise pod apartments- The new entrant in the luxury segment.

Some apartments are instant winners. In 2024, more people will be investing in high-rise pod homes and hotels. This is a new and vibrant change capable of changing the Indian reality. By Shravan Gupta.

Mumbai: The apartment scenario is changing in the Indian real estate market. People’s preferences have undergone a complete overhaul. Some people prefer to live in big houses whereas some are close to their workplace. The high-rise pod apartments are the premium segment in the luxury housing market. Such homes are more in cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad. The rise of pod apartments shows the changing mindset of the buyer. A high-rise pod apartment meets all your requirements and gives you a luxury lifestyle too. 

Shravan Gupta, MGF Group believe pod apartments cater more to business and holiday travellers. It is available for rent, making it number one for their stay. However, first-time buyers prefer to invest in high-rise pod homes due to their location and amenities. In 2024, the value of high-rise pods is likely to rise and attract more investors.


Features which make podcasts the best option for solo and business stays are:

Cost efficient: Podcasts are more cost-efficient than regular apartments. It is built on a lower budget than normal houses but holds the potential to yield a high rental income. One can find a tenant more easily for such homes due to their proximity to offices and malls.

If you live in a pod home there is less money spent on home management. Some apartments come with their own housekeeping team who maintain their home. Also, one saves on daily travelling and can lease an apartment on a long-term basis. 

Being compact, it needs minimal furniture but is high on amenities. These homes come with a gym, swimming pools and gardens. Experts believe these homes are ideal for business travellers who desire fully furnished apartments with privacy.

Good for the environment: These apartments benefit the environment too. These have open terraces which boost the airflow in the room and lessen your electricity bill too. Most often high-rise pod homes have an inbuilt smart lighting system and LED bulbs. The demand for such homes is on the rise and is likely to rise more. 

Optimum long-term investment: High-rise pod homes have emerged as the optimum form of investment. A practice likely to continue till the end of 2024. as its demand will always rise. Shravan Gupta, MGF Group believe it is cheaper than normal apartments hence ideal for first-time buyers and NRI Investors. Moreover, it is easier to rent out than normal homes and will always be in demand. If one buys it to sell it in future, the resale value is high too. One can find the buyer easily for such luxury apartments.

High-rise pods are indeed the future of the luxury apartment segment. It is wise to invest in these homes for investment purposes. This trend is likely to grow more in 2024, making it the story of the future.

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