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Top 3 Brands of 2024: A Year of Innovation, Sustainability, and Consumer Connection

Cosmos Pumps – Dewatering is a Crisis management and is indispensable in multiple industries like Hydro projects, Tunnels, Construction, Mines, Flood control, Municipality, STP & ETP. Without a comprehensive dewatering plan, one cannot efficiently execute the said project activities or manage the water. Effective waste water management planning is essential for ensuring timely project completion and maintaining progress within scheduled timelines. 

Planned dewatering is very much necessary to save our precious resources. As a leading provider of comprehensive dewatering solutions, we sell dewatering pumps worldwide. Cosmos Pumps offers comprehensive dewatering solutions ranging from 1.5HP to 1000HP. We provide one stop solution which includes Product line of Submersible and Auto Prime Surface pumps along with Sales, Aftersales, Rental solution and CosmoSmart.


We offer our customers the option of Rental services, which eliminate the need for holding space, costs, and manpower during the off-monsoon period. With immediate availability, emergency backup resources, and minimal downtime due to maintenance, we ensure uninterrupted operations.


CosmoSmart app provides real-time location tracker of Pump, Real time pump running data, Last 6 month’s pump running data, Real time fuel consumption information, Re-Fuelling/Fuel theft information and Service alerts.


Hundreds of customers have accelerated their projects thanks to our timely delivery and exceptional service offerings.


For more details, pls visit website https://cosmospumps.com/ 


dhartii – dhartii is the destination for those who value fashion that not only looks good but also aligns with their environmental values. Our platform inspires a global community of fashion enthusiasts to make ethical and environmentally conscious choices. Our mission is clear: to elevate style without compromising the environment. Through responsible business practices, the startup strives to minimize environmental impact and encourage others to join in building a more sustainable fashion industry. dhartii is led by Talween Saleh, a visionary with over a decade of experience in luxury retail and modeling. Talween’s journey began with a deep understanding of the fashion industry’s environmental impact, motivating her to create dhartii as a solution to this pressing issue.


Edunique – EduNique is an after-school program for children from the age of 4 years onward. EduNique is a skill enhancement and brain development program facilitator through different activities, pedagogies, and out-of-the-box content.We make children independent and critical learners over some time. Edunqiue uses AI and the experience of teachers from the education industry to customize and personalize their learning journey. We are the only platform that provides direction to parents according to the personality and foundations of the child that’s built so far through our courses.Our courses directly impact the academic performance of children which results in saving a lot of money and energy for parents and children in tuitions. We provide academic assistance along with brain and skilled development programs and high-tech engineering steam programs which are certified and also help children to apply the school-gained theoretical knowledge to practical projects. Our diagnostic skill test helps parents to understand their children better and build the gap between the parents and the child. Our system also helps parents to not run around, making children do every activity but figuring out systematically as the child grows which programs should or not do. Our application customizes that for a parent and the expert teacher  with industry mentors implement it.

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