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Genetics is usually the reason to blame the early onset of baldness but why allow family history to determine one’s hair fate?


Among the many facing baldness was Soundararajan, a 27-year-old who chose to break free from this concern by reaching out to VCare for professional support.

Overcoming Setbacks 

For five long years, Soundararajan battled with genetic baldness. His receding hairlines and prominent bald spots became the features that others used to identify him. 


Soundararajan’s confidence took a toll as he frequently found himself mistaken for being significantly older than his actual age. In the company of his peers, he could not shake the feeling that he appeared noticeably older than them. 


Like many others, Soundararajan tried out various traditional remedies but saw no improvement in his hair growth. At the age of 27, he eventually recognised the necessity of seeking professional assistance for his baldness. 

Embracing Progressive Solutions 

Soundararajan came across VCare’s transformative results online and wasted no time in seeking their expertise. As advised, he took their Hair Mineral Analysis which would break down the triggers of his condition and help in determining suitable treatments for him.


While Soundarajan thought that genetics was the only reason behind his baldness, this analysis revealed several other factors contributing to his baldness. Soundararajan received a wake-up call regarding his high-stress levels, and deficiencies in several minerals were identified. 

Stepping Into Transformation 

The experts at VCare recommended a hair transplant for Soundarajan as it is a permanent solution. 


He learnt that VCare has a unique hair transplant method called Activated Follicular Transplantation (AFT) that is minimally invasive, has less downtime and promotes faster regrowth, making it a cut above other transplant methods. 


Despite his initial hesitations, Soundararajan felt that he was well-supported and comforted throughout the transplant procedure, which made him undergo it successfully.

Holistic Post-Treatment Care

After undergoing invasive hair treatments, it is essential to prioritise scalp care, especially by using mild products that are gentle on the scalp. 


VCare provides a comprehensive range of homecare products tailored to offer proper care following not only invasive treatments but also all other types of treatments.


Soundarajan was given the INVACare kit, a holistic home care package that encompassed a Hair Growth Shampoo, Day/Night care Lotion, and nutritional supplements. 


These products were crafted to nourish the scalp, aid in the recovery process, and promote hair growth.

Rolling Back The Years 

Soundararajan followed everything correctly and soon was blessed with positive changes, and he was overjoyed with the significant improvement in his hair growth.


He received professional guidance on dietary adjustments and lifestyle habits to enhance hair growth. Additionally, he was instructed on proper hair care techniques and maintenance practices to ensure its health and vitality.


With his hair making a remarkable comeback, Soundararajan feels as though he has turned back the years and is having a more youthful appearance.


“My hair looks quite natural. I’m happy and satisfied. Thanks to VCare.”Soundararajan

Beginning A Fresh Chapter With VCare 

Now that his hair is growing in full swing, Soundararajan is no longer hesitant to go outdoors and is free from the worry of people misjudging his age. 


With his regained confidence, he not only looks but also feels youthful once again.

About VCare 

With a proud legacy spanning two decades, VCare has over 55 branches spread across South India. Throughout their journey, they have continuously evolved their techniques with the latest advancements to deliver unparalleled services to their clients.


VCare derives immense satisfaction from positively transforming lives and fostering greater confidence in individuals. With a clientele exceeding 1.5 million, they are the trusted partner of various individuals, including celebrities, sportspeople, entrepreneurs, and more.


Whether you are seeking revolutionary hair regrowth solutions, advanced skin treatments, or personalised care, VCare is a good choice to be your partner in beauty and confidence. 

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