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Illuminating Horizons: Nurturing Dreams with Yuva Unstoppable’s Scholarships

In the bustling city of Pune, Maharashtra, Amruta Samarth, a bright and determined student, is weaving her dreams with the help of Amitabh Shah founded NGO Yuva Unstoppable’s Scholarship Programme. Despite the challenges life has thrown her way, Amruta has set her sights on a future in engineering, driven by her passion for technology and innovation.

Raised by her father, after the untimely loss of her mother, Amruta’s journey to pursue higher education has been met with financial hurdles. With a family income of approximately INR 90,000, the burden of academic expenses seemed daunting. However, Amruta’s indomitable spirit and dedication to her studies propelled her forward. ‘Support from Yuva Unstoppable has come in at a timely juncture, it has allowed me to pay my academic fees and not burden my family with these daunting amounts’, says Amruta.

Scoring an impressive 91% in Std X, Amruta’s academic prowess caught the attention of her school teachers, who guided her to apply for the Yuva Unstoppable scholarship. With the financial assistance provided by the scholarship, she has been able to pay her school fees and access additional resources to support her education. ‘We have been providing scholarship assistance to students and today school authorities are aware of this support and guide students to apply and pursue their academic dreams. We are partners in this journey with them’, says Amitabh Shah – Founder Yuva Unstoppable.
Driven by a desire to follow in the footsteps of her family members who are engineers, Amruta aspires to pursue a career in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). She recognizes the relevance of AI in today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape and is determined to make her mark in this field.

In her pursuit of excellence, Amruta has not only focused on her academic studies but has also actively participated in various events and mentorship programs organized by Yuva Unstoppable. These initiatives have provided her with a platform to enhance her skills, build confidence, and connect with like-minded individuals who share her aspirations.

‘Amruta’s story is a testament to the transformative power of education and the impact of initiatives like Yuva Unstoppable’s Scholarship Programme in empowering students from underserved communities to pursue their academic dreams. Through our support, countless bright young minds like Amruta are given the opportunity to shine and make a positive difference in the world’, says Amitabh Shah.
As she prepares for the entrance exams to secure admission into a prestigious institution like IIT Mumbai, Amruta remains steadfast in her determination to achieve her goals. With unwavering support from Yuva Unstoppable, she is confident that she can overcome any obstacles that come her way and turn her dreams into reality.
Yuva Unstoppable is an India & US registered non-profit which has worked in over 6000 schools and reached 6 million underprivileged beneficiaries across 41 cities of India through its various programmes in partnership with CSR Foundations, trust and individuals.

Brief video of how Amitabh Shah and Yuva Unstoppable empower 6M vulnerable beneficiaries including 6000 schools with improved sanitation, water, solar, sports infra, access to technology, scholarships, nutrition, removing vaccine hesitancy amongst others with 100 CSR Partners like HDFC, SBI Cards, Disney, 3M, Exide, Zerodha, Bill Gates Foundation, Lenovo, Unilever, Adani, EY, Korn Ferry, Google, Finolex, HP, Bank of America amongst others:

For CSR Collaborations connect with – parth@yuvaunstoppable.org 

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