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15 Years Since Trump’s First Tweet Dr Ravi Singh’s ‘The Art of Trump’s Tweets’ anticipates a social media resurgence by Trump

Dr. Ravi Singh, a distinguished figure in the realms of social media and digital strategy, also known as the “Campaign Guru” presents his seminal work, “The Art of Trump’s Tweets: A Literary Analysis of His Rise and Fall on Twitter.”

This 600-page tome offers an unprecedented look into Donald Trump’s Twitter narrative, its impact on global politics, and the evolution of digital communication, suggesting Trump’s potential return to the platform now known as X.

At its core, The Art of Trump’s Tweets is Dr. Ravi’s personal odyssey, a narrative woven intricately through the tapestry of digital discourse and political turbulence. It began with a spark of curiosity about Donald Trump, a figure whose tweets reverberated across the globe, reshaping the landscape of public conversation. Dr. Ravi’s journey was not merely one of observation but of deep comprehension, seeking to unravel the mechanics behind Trump’s 280-character missives that often ignited controversy and debate.

 Armed with analytical tools and artificial intelligence (AI), Dr. Ravi embarked on a scholarly eight-year adventure, meticulously dissecting over 200+ articles that examined over 35,000 tweets by Trump from various angles. Yet, this book transcends mere academic discourse; it is a gripping narrative of the author’s quest for understanding, fueled by relentless questions: Why? How? When? Where? What? And most importantly, Who?

“Trump was not just a user of social media; he was a paradigm-shifter who redefined the rules of engagement. His use of social media was transformative, changing the engagement landscape,” says Dr. Singh.

The book’s release during an election year highlights the evolving ‘rules of the game’ in social media’s role in politics and e-democracy since the 2016 election. ‘The Art of Trump’s Tweets’ is a narrative of convergence—where social media, politics, and technology intersect, reshaping the global dialogue. It also emphasizes Dr. Singh’s distinction as one of the first to earn a PhD specializing in social media and technology, pushing the frontiers of digital communication.

Dr. Singh’s book, available at https://www.twitterism.com , not only documents this shift but also explores ‘social media-ism’—the relationship between platform policies and public sentiment in the digital age.

 Published in India by Griffin Publication, The Art of Trump’s Tweets will be globally available, inviting readers from all corners of the world to embark on this enlightening journey.

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