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BRICS Culture Media Forum: Cultivating International Collaboration and Unity in Grozny

Grozny, Russia – May 6, 2024: In the vibrant city of Grozny, Chechnya, Russia, delegates from around the world gathered to celebrate the remarkable transformation of the Chechen Republic and to forge new bonds of friendship and cooperation. The journey from devastation to development astounded representatives from all BRICS PLUS delegations, who attributed Chechnya’s peace and prosperity to the visionary leadership exemplified by the friendship between the Head of the Chechen Republic, Hero of Russia Ramzan Akhmatovich Kadyrov, and the esteemed Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin.

African country ambassadors graced the event, paying tribute to the continent through the inauguration of the House of Africa at the esteemed Grozny State Oil Technical University (GSOTU), named after Academician M.D. Millionshchikov.

In a warm welcome address, the honorable Mayor of Grozny City Hall emphasized the pivotal role of visionary leadership in fostering peace and development, inviting delegates to embrace the hospitality and warmth of the Chechen people. Renowned figures from diverse fields expressed admiration for Chechnya’s hospitality and eagerness to deepen cultural and economic ties with Russia.

Enthusiasm for collaboration transcended borders, as representatives envisioned Chechnya as a potential hub for tourism and cultural exchange. Spiritual leaders extolled Chechnya as a beacon of love and peace, attributing its success to virtues of honesty, loyalty, and collective strength.

The BRICS Culture Media Forum received accolades for its impactful initiatives, with recognition extended to its global president, Dr. Jaan Nissar Lone, Russian Representative Abdulreshid Zelimkhanov, and Director of Communication Dr. Sergei Dvorianov for hosting the prestigious event in Grozny.

The Forum culminated in a call for enhanced cooperation among BRICS Plus countries, with proposals spanning cultural, educational, economic, and diplomatic domains. Initiatives included the re-establishment of the international Russian-Islamic Fund and the creation of a BRICS international media center and educational campuses.

As delegates bid farewell to Grozny, they left with a renewed sense of optimism and determination to translate discussions into tangible actions, paving the way for a future characterized by peace, prosperity, and mutual respect.

Additionally, the event marked the inauguration of the second House of Africa at GSOTU, symbolizing a new milestone in Russo-African ties. Delegates lauded the establishment of the House of Africa as a pivotal juncture in fostering robust scientific cooperation and facilitating the exchange of knowledge and expertise among nations.

The ceremony included the conferral of honorary professorships upon six distinguished members of the African delegation, further strengthening bilateral relations and honoring excellence.

Among the recipients were luminaries such as Vaqil Mushtaq Ahmad, Klimenko Konstantin Petrovich, Leon DODONOU-POUNAGAZA, H.E. Luciano Ncogo Ndong Ayecaba, Nisarul Bashir Lone (Dr. Jaan Nissar Lone), and Shetty Suniel.

The creation of the House of Africa heralds a new era of educational collaboration, with plans underway for various programs aimed at nurturing talent and fostering academic discourse. The event concluded with the presentation of a mosaic symbolizing unity and harmony among nations to the esteemed Mayor of Grozny, Khas-Magomed Kadyrov.

In closing, the resonance of cultural diplomacy echoed, underscoring the unwavering commitment of BRICS nations to fostering global harmony and cooperation. Additionally, a peace anthem titled “Mystic Way The Only Way” was released during the forum, promoting peace and prosperity worldwide, an initiative spearheaded by Deputy Mayor and Russian Representative of BCMF, Honourable Abdulreshid Zalemkhanov, and praised by delegates from all BRICS Plus countries for its message of unity and cooperation.

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