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Thursday, July 18, 2024

Charmi Jhaveri Walked the Ramp as  Showstopper for Florian Foundation by Archunaa Jaiin and Mumbai Halchal by Dilshad Khan at Bombay Times Fashion Week 2024

Charmie walked the Ramp in Designer Outfit Vishal Kapoor and Jewellery by LA jewels at Times Fashion Week Opening Show by Florian Foundation and Mumbai Halchal 


Meet Charmi Jhaveri, a woman who reached the pinnacle beneath the banner of her unflagging devotion


In a world where people exhibit a wide range of characteristics, some stand out for operating solely based on their determination to achieve their ambitions. Charmi Jhaveri is one such person. She was born and raised in South Bombay, has led a life of distinction, and has never faltered from her goals or beliefs.


Charmi had the opportunity to live the luxury many people only dream of, as she was born into a prestigious Gujarati family based in South Mumbai. Yet, unlike her contemporaries, she chose a difficult path and became absorbed in constructing a new way. A genuine trailblazer, she has boldly transitioned from being a professional jewelry designer to landing the position of PR Brand Ambassador for Kobe City in Japan. Her trajectory has been nothing short of spectacular.


To shed some light on her personal life, Charmi was married in 2005. She was just 20 years old and moved to Kobe, Japan. Her first turbulence occurred when she was preoccupied with running her personal affairs and could not concentrate on her work as a jewelry designer because she could not communicate in the local tongue.


She could fit in with her new family and adjust to the way of life in an unknown area; for all this, Charmi attributes the source of inspiration to her late mother.


Charmi is a devoted mother to a teenage daughter, a 11-year-old son, a responsible daughter-in-law, and a loving wife. She gained pounds after the birth of her second child. Like many women, she too experienced postpartum depression and began to doubt her potential. Fortunately, she had the continued backing of her family and friends, who helped her develop a positive approach. Not only did Charmi regain her lost confidence, but she also lost a massive 42.2 kg in weight. Her diligence and perseverance show that Charmi has a true hustler’s heart. With a beautiful personality, she is admired by an audience of thousands in India and the world. Her spectacular physical development sparked her long-suppressed wanderlust; she hasn’t looked back since.


She was recently invited by Tokyo Fashion Week & designers as an Indian influencer to attend there shows. 


She has collaborated with companies like Aza Fashions, Pernia’s Pop-Up Store, Jean-Claude Biguine India, Shyftwellness, Aarti Vijay Gupta, Karishma Joolry, Style Junkie, Karigiri Studio,Phoenix palladium,Bohame, Swati Vijaivarjie, Joti Bansal, Neha Chopra , Nykaa , Aveda, Wendell Rodricks and many others.She has also collaborated with the renowned hotels like Intercontinental Phuquoc, Pullman Phuquoc, Courtyard by Marriott Mumbai.

Many married women who want to succeed but hold back out of concern for social criticism can find motivation in her narrative. She ascribes to the maxim that your response to failure will impact how high you rise.

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