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Hailing India’s $10 Trillion Vision, Vidyashilp University Ignites Student-Industry Dialogue on Disruptive Careers at The Future of Higher Education event

Bengaluru, May 2024: The Future of Higher Education by Vidyashilp University (VU) proved to be a beacon of hope and inspiration as the event brought together renowned industry leaders Mr. Ullas Kamath, Mr. Pranav Pai, Mr. Aprameya Radhakrishna, and Dr. Subarna Roy, on one platform.


The event witnessed invigorating dialogues on the need for advanced education that champions bold careers inspired by freedom of exploration and personal interests. The event took place at the Prestige Falcon Towers and served as a launchpad for students and parents to gain valuable insights into evolving careers and the pedagogy for success in a fast-changing world.


Industry leaders shed light on global economic trends, India’s projected growth, emerging technologies and their applications, the rise of entrepreneurship, and how education can be aligned for industry success – all aimed at empowering future leaders.

Offering a powerful start to the event, Prof. P.G. Babu, Vice-Chancellor, Vidyashilp University, quoted a famous saying: “Love what you do and Do what you love; imagination should be the centre of one’s life’. He lauded NEP 2020 for embodying these principles, enabling students to explore non-core subjects during their four-year undergraduate program, nurturing an interdisciplinary spirit.


He further added, “At Vidyashilp University, our youthful, results-oriented learning environment fosters critical thinking and challenges established theories. We believe in a diverse toolkit approach, where students are equipped with a variety of ideas and experiential learning opportunities. This empowers them to address the challenges of a multidimensional world filled with a young, multitasking generation.” 

Speaking at the event as the keynote speaker, Mr. Ullas Kamath, Founder of UK&Co, and Governing Council Member at FITT-IIT Delhi, addressed the topic “India’s Rapid Growth in the 21st Century,” presenting a glance at the global economy and India’s contribution to global growth. 

Fueling India’s $10 trillion and Karnataka’s $1 trillion aspirations, entrepreneurship stands as a critical catalyst. Favourable economic policies, focussed on infrastructure, education, and entrepreneurship have propelled the country to the forefront of the global landscape. India is now called the engine for future growth. It presents a golden opportunity to unleash economic growth, encourage job creation, and forge a lasting legacy,” said Mr. Kamath, igniting a spark in the young audience to become architects of their own destinies through entrepreneurship. 


Mr. Pranav Pai, Founding Partner and Chief Investment Officer at 3one4 Capital, painted a compelling picture of India’s burgeoning startup ecosystem as the next major frontier for tech-driven value creation. He emphasised the transformative power of digitization, stating, “Tech is now the lattice of human evolution.”  

Highlighting India’s remarkable growth, he said, “India’s transformation to a doubling economy is a tremendous opportunity. The nation’s 109+ unicorns created $344 Billion in value and 200+ unicorns are predicted to be in the country by 2026.  India is optimising to empower problem solvers. Startups will be the force multiplier to catapult the country into a $10 Trillion economy.” 

Vidyashilp Education Group (VSEG) alumni Mr. Vikrant Maini, Maini Group; and Ms. Vrishika Melanta, Boston Consulting Group, shared their personal experiences at VSEG, appreciating the focus on building life skills through carefully crafted curricula, holistic learning, practical exposure, regular sports classes, and flexibility to explore options outside of their specialisation.

Sharing the importance of developing skills and qualities needed to adapt to the dynamic career landscape, Mr. Aprameya Radhakrishna, Co-Founder and CEO of Koo, and Founder & Director of TaxiForSure, said, “In today’s world, students must educate themselves with real-time case studies, gain hands-on experiences, and identify their interests to discover themselves and effectively bridge any learning gaps,”

About Vidyashilp University:

Established in 2021, Vidyashilp University (VU) aims to elevate higher education. Building on the 4+ decade legacy of the Vidyashilp Education Group (VSEG), VU fosters innovation and challenges the extraordinary to equip students for success in today’s ever-progressing world. The University prioritises holistic development, nurturing well-rounded leaders. Rigorous academics, coupled with best-in-class facilities and a supportive environment, empower students to evolve into courageous change-makers. Vidyashilp University cultivates not just academic excellence, but also critical thinking, problem-solving, and adaptability – skills essential for making a positive impact in the real-world.


Strategic Partnerships: VU encourages collaborative learning with global entities and leading institutions like The University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Babson College. These partnerships enrich the curriculum and provide students with global perspectives and access to impactful knowledge.  


Vidyashilp University fosters interdisciplinary learning, cultivating a deeper understanding of complex issues and equipping students to collaborate effectively across domains.


Building upon Vidyashilp Education Group’s 800+ awards and affiliations with 15 national and international associations, Vidyashilp University carries forward a legacy of academic excellence


Fulfilling its mission to revolutionise the educational landscape, the curriculum at VU fosters a community of not just future leaders but also job creators and entrepreneurs.


The University prioritises experiential learning, internships, and industry collaborations. By translating theoretical knowledge into practical skills, VU ensures graduates are well-prepared for their chosen professions.

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