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Mind-body Algorithm: Idea of a Novel Entity that Conjoins the two

Mind Phenomenon is an outstanding science nonfiction by Professor Uttam Pati, an Emeritus Scientist, a biotechnologist, former Dean, School of Biotechnology, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. The book is a profound journey into the enigmatic realm of the mind-body entanglement, challenging conventional scientific paradigms with a bold and innovative perspective.

In a bold attempt the author has explored the mind-body paradox through a newly conceived subtle-crude entity, a unit particle, that might be responsible in expressing metazoic, protozoic, and the unit mind in biological systems and could be linked to the fundamental principle of human existence. The book asserts that this unit particle links the cellular events to the mind phenomenon; cells have a plan of action and there is consciousness at the cellular level.

The book that contains six chapters, describes the functioning of mind in a body in a new dimension combining futuristic science and philosophy. The suggestion that the unit particle as a fundamental unit of consciousness, is another attempt that can be challenged and debated. The book proposes that trillions of cells in the body in liaison with the unit mind control the cellular decision-making events and the thought process. It also highlights how the decision-making awareness of the cellular minds could be utilized through a self- learning intuitive mode to bring a balance between negative and positive states of living.

With a stunning book cover, the prose is instrumental in narratives that are both lyrical and lucid; it allows the readers to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery where chaos is not merely considered a disruptive force, but a catalyst of growth for higher order living.

Mind Phenomenon is a mesmerizing synthesis of scientific enquiry and philosophical reflection, inviting the readers to explore into the higher order mind in understanding their own consciousness. The book supports a novel thought that the consciousness could scientifically be perceived through an intuitive rationalization process by the reader who must logically assume that mind-body is a miscible distillate of perfume and oil. Together they control polarities, propensities, health and disease, aging, and life.

Book Name: Mind Phenomenon

ISBN: 979-8888336649

MRP: 600

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