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Complex angioplasty and TMVR treatment conducted by Dr. Ravindra Singh Rao

Jaipur: A decade after undergoing bypass and valve replacement surgery, a patient found himself grappling with debilitating symptoms. Complaints of chest heaviness, breathlessness, and restless nights plagued his life. However, hope dawned when he sought treatment at Rajasthan Hospital in Jaipur, where senior Interventional Cardiologist, Dr. Ravinder Singh Rao, performed a groundbreaking intervention.

Dr. Rao disclosed that the patient, aged 70, presented with symptoms indicative of heart failure, including persistent shortness of breath and recurrent hospitalizations. Upon examination, it was discovered that the mitral valve, previously replaced during surgery, had deteriorated, exacerbating his condition. Considering the patient’s age and the inherent risks of re-do surgery, Dr. Rao opted for a non-surgical approach.

Patient’s angiography revealed the daunting reality of three blocked bypass grafts, further complicating the situation. Undeterred, Dr. Rao navigated the challenge by leveraging the Transcatheter Mitral Valve Replacement (TMVR) technique. Through a minimally invasive procedure, a new artificial valve was meticulously implanted via the femoral vein, revitalizing cardiac function.

Simultaneously, Dr. Rao performed complex angioplasty to restore blood flow through the blocked grafts, employing Intravascular Ultrasound (IVUS) guidance. The success of the intervention was palpable as the patient experienced immediate relief, with diminished lung pressure and improved breathing. Within months, normalcy returned as the patient reclaimed restful nights and regained physical activity.

Dr. Rao emphasized the significance of non-surgical interventions, highlighting their efficacy in mitigating risks associated with traditional surgeries. Furthermore, he underscored the potential for swift recovery, enabling patients to resume their daily lives promptly.

This recovery and treatment at Rajasthan Hospital stands as a testament to complex angioplasty. With Dr. Rao’s pioneering approach, patients find renewed hope and a pathway to restored heart health without the burden of invasive surgeries, marking this as a rare case where such successful intervention was achieved.

Dr. Rao, vice chairman of RHL, Rajasthan hospital and chief interventional cardiologist said that such treatment has saved lives or patients with no ray of hope in the past.

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