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WhizHack Integrates Dynamic Intelligent Shifting Sensors (DISS) into TRACE: A Game-Changer in Cybersecurity

WhizHack, India’s pioneering vertically integrated cybersecurity organization, is proud to announce the integration of Dynamic Intelligent Shifting Sensors (DISS) into its flagship product, TRACE. This groundbreaking advancement reinforces WhizHack’s mission to build a completely self-reliant, digitally secure India.


TRACE, part of WhizHack’s ZeroHack suite, is an innovative Threat Reconnaissance and Classification Engine that utilizes advanced deception technology to proactively identify advanced cyber threats. By generating intelligence through decoy sensors, TRACE aggregates and analyzes threat data at a centralized collector, providing actionable insights and analytics to security analysts and network administrators.


According to IBM Security, 2,365 cyberattacks in 2023 affected over 343 million victims, highlighting the need for robust threat intelligence like TRACE. Research by SANS Institute shows 72% of organizations find threat intelligence crucial for proactive defense. TRACE, with its DISS integration, anticipates future attacks and dynamically adjusts to emerging threats in real-time. TRACE makes itself stand away from other market solutions by providing specially designed sensors capable of working in IT & air-gapped OT environments. Its self-healing deception software with advanced morphing sensor technology used for evading honeypot detection by the best of hackers. TRACE USPs also include a specialized packet analysis engine inside each TRACE Sensor for capturing real-time data via Deep Packet Inspection (DPI). One of the key features of these Sensors is the ability to recreate themselves when compromised.


With the integration of DISS, TRACE now offers a proactive defense mechanism that marks a pivotal advancement in cybersecurity strategy. DISS dynamically adjusts sensor services across network infrastructure, making it highly challenging for attackers to find out about vulnerabilities. Unlike static defenses, DISS continually alters its properties, confusing adversaries and disrupting potential threats before they materialize. Operating stealthily within the network, DISS enhances overall security without detection.


Sanjay Sengupta – CTO, Whizhack Technologies said, “To beat a Hacker, we need to think like them and deceive them into believing our digital vulnerabilities. DISS is the first step in that direction. Any organization, irrespective of their current security infrastructure, should introduce DISS powered TRACE Sensors to capture attack data and build the most ADAPATABLE cyber security infrastructure with AI models.”


By correlating incidents observed on the DISS sensors, TRACE has a remarkable track record of anticipating future zero-day attacks within 1 to 48 hours.


In conclusion, WhizHack’s integration of DISS into Deception Environment represents a significant milestone in cybersecurity. With TRACE equipped with DISS Technology, organizations can strengthen their defenses, thwart adversaries, and ensure the security of their digital infrastructure. As technology evolves, proactive defense mechanisms like TRACE will continue to play a crucial role in shaping a safer digital environment.


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