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Find Incredible Online Deals on ROOBAI – The Best Affiliate Platform for Offers.

Roobai stands as one of India’s leading deals and offers sites. Prior to showcasing a product, our dedicated team meticulously compares prices across numerous websites to ensure users have access to the best offers, top deals, and loot deals from a variety of online shops. Among the featured retailers are prominent names such as Amazon India, Flipkart, Myntra, Ajio, Boat, Croma, and Tatacliq, providing users with a comprehensive selection of discounts and promotions. Roobai had its inception in 2014, starting as a WhatsApp Group with just 12 members.

In 2016, Roobai expanded its reach by launching a dedicated website under the same name. The platform introduced SMS notifications, featuring exclusive offers from various E-commerce websites in India, further enhancing the user experience. Generated an initial income of 1,00,000 rupees within the first three months. We are strategically promoting our brand within targeted colleges, recognizing students as potential future online consumers. Our goal is to establish a connection with this demographic and provide them with valuable offerings tailored to their needs and interests.

In 2017, Roobai achieved a significant milestone by launching its Android mobile app. The launch coincided with the Big Billion Sale, marking a strategic move to enhance user accessibility and engagement during this major event. In 2018, Roobai expanded its mobile presence by launching the iOS mobile app, catering to a broader audience and providing users on Apple devices with convenient access to our platform. After the launch of the mobile app, Roobai experienced a tremendous response, reaching a milestone of 1 lakh downloads on the Android platform. This success reflects the positive engagement and interest from users following the app’s introduction.

During the COVID-19 lockdown, Roobai experienced a decline in activity but we consider it has a challenge and improved the product and the outcome in few months with 10X growth. Roobai made a significant comeback in September 2021, growing from 2000 users in Telegram to an impressive 2 lakh users within six months. This success was driven, in part, by strategic promotions on top YouTube channels, highlighting the platform’s resurgence and expanded user base. From 2 lakh users, we’ve scaled to an astounding 1 million users, with half a million downloads on our mobile app. This achievement reflects the strong and growing engagement of our user community. We have successfully posted more than 10 lakh deals on our website and app, offering users a diverse range of opportunities to save and benefit from exciting offers. Our app has brought benefits to over 1 million users, reflecting the positive impact and value we’ve provided to our growing community.

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new product, ‘Earnpe’ – an affiliate program designed for everyone! With Earnpe, individuals can earn money by promoting products and services through our affiliate platform, providing a lucrative opportunity for all. About Earnpe : Earnpe is a dynamic deal-sharing platform empowering users to share links for exclusive deals with potential buyers. Affiliates, or ‘sharers,’ earn a commission—calculated as a portion of the order value—when someone makes a purchase through their shared link. With over 100+ retailers conveniently available on a single platform, Earnpe caters to users from all walks of life, offering an opportunity for anyone to share deals and earn money. Notably, Earnpe serves as a double moneymaker, providing both commissions and access to exclusive deals for its users.

Over 1000 users have registered on Earnpe, with an average income of Rs 15000 for each user. This highlights the platform’s success in providing lucrative opportunities for its growing community. Roobai is the only platform that combines an affiliate website with an affiliate network. This unique approach allows users to not only access deals and offers but also participate in the affiliate program to earn commissions. By providing this comprehensive platform, Roobai offers users a one-stop-shop for finding the best deals, while also offering them the opportunity to monetize their referrals. This sets Roobai apart from other websites and provides users with an added benefit when using their platform. It’s a great opportunity for both users and affiliates alike.

Visit The site: https://roobai.com/

Website:  https://earn.pe/

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