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GIBNU Spearheads Digital Revolution, Empowering Small Businesses and Influencers

Bhubaneswar, Odisha, May 2024 – In a landmark endeavour to transform India’s commerce landscape, Gibnu.com under the visionary leadership of Shree Radhakrishna Sahoo, is pioneering a paradigm shift in the way small businesses operate and how influencers harness their social media presence. Established in August 2020, GIBNU aims to democratize access to information and business solutions, offering a lifeline to Micro & Small Enterprises, Weaver & Artisans, Cottage Industries, MSME, Handloom & Handicraft Industries, SHG & WSHG, Mission Shakti Womens, Tribals, Khadi & Village Industries, Farmers, Service Providers, etc while revolutionizing social commerce.


From Mud House Tutor to Digital Pioneer:

Shree Radhakrishna Sahoo’s Inspiring Journey


Shree Radhakrishna Sahoo’s journey from a remote village in Odisha to founding GIBNU exemplifies the triumph of determination over adversity. Born into a Poor family in Rajamunda, Sundergarh district, Sahoo’s pursuit of education led him to tutor in a mud house to support his family. Through perseverance and dedication, he completed his Master’s degree in Commerce and an MBA in Finance, accumulating over two decades of experience in accounting and corporate financing. Sahoo’s vision for GIBNU stems from his deep-rooted belief in providing accessible solutions for every problems.


Empowering Small Businesses with Free eCommerce Website & Mobile App, CRM & Smart Billing Solutions, Zero-Commission etc.


GIBNU stands as a beacon of hope for small businesses, offering a plethora of benefits aimed at Digital India – Digital Dukaan – Digital Kishaan – Digital Products & Services. Through Gibnu.com platform, sellers can establish their digital storefronts at zero commission & zero setup charges, eliminating the financial burden associated with traditional marketplaces. Moreover, GIBNU provides a suite of tools including free Digital Catalogues & Digital Menu Card, Free Portfolio Websites, Free e-commerce Website & Mobile Apps, free CRM & Smart Billing software which requires zero manpower, Payment & Delivery Integration, empowering businesses to streamline operations and reach a wider audience.


Unlocking Opportunities for Social Media Influencers


Recognizing the potential of social commerce, GIBNU opens new avenues for influencers and social media experts to monetize their online presence. By enabling influencers to set up reselling stores within seconds on the Gibnu.com app, the platform bridges the gap between social media engagement and commercial transactions. With the promise of substantial earnings, influencers can seamlessly convert their digital followers into active customers, thereby expanding their revenue streams.


A Digital Ecosystem Built for Growth and Prosperity


GIBNU mission extends beyond facilitating transactions; it aims to foster a thriving digital ecosystem where businesses and individuals can flourish. Through marketing & Advertising tools integrated with CRM, GIBNU empowers sellers to promote their products efficiently, while providing access to valuable customer data and insights. Additionally, GIBNU offers delivery & payment solutions, Loan & Finance solutions, inventory & Expiry management tools, Monthly Clearance Sale, Refer & Earn facility for customer earning, ensuring a seamless experience for both sellers and customers.


Join the GIBNU’s Movement: Empowering India’s Digital Future


As GIBNU continues its mission to digitize India’s commerce landscape, it invites small businesses, social media influencers, and aspiring entrepreneurs to join its platform and embark on a journey of growth and success. 


With a commitment to empowering local businesses and individuals, Gibnu.com is laying the foundation for a truly digital India, where opportunities abound for all.

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