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Meta Trade Game World Announces Ambitious Expansion and Product Launch Plan

Meta Trade Game World, a pioneering company in the trade and retail sector, proudly announces the launch of its new brand and ambitious expansion plans. Under the leadership of Harbans Lal, the company aims to establish showrooms in every city, creating job opportunities and building a strong market presence.

Company Vision and Mission

Meta Trade Game World is dedicated to creating opportunities and enhancing market presence by opening showrooms nationwide. These showrooms will not only create job opportunities but also help in establishing a strong brand identity in the market.

Business Model and Offerings

The company has previously focused on producing small-scale products to meet market demand. Now, Meta Trade Game World is expanding its horizons. The company will provide business and ID cards for its partners and ensure that every showroom owner receives a margin on each product sold. The company will cover all operational expenses, and only charge for the products.

Digital Integration and Accessibility

In line with modern consumer needs, all products will also be available on the company’s soon-to-be-launched application, MTG Shopping, on the Play Store. This application will provide a platform where market vendors can join and sell their products online, ensuring that customers receive everything they need from the comfort of their homes. This initiative promises to revolutionize the shopping experience by integrating market vendors into a digital ecosystem.

Comprehensive Product Range

Meta Trade Game World offers a diverse range of products, including branded T-shirts, caps, writing pens, timepieces, books, notebooks, note pads, and more. By 2025, the company plans to launch a total of 1200 products, ensuring each product comes with a fixed guarantee and a GST-compliant invoice.

Commitment to Growth and Employment

The company’s delivery boys will facilitate free delivery of products booked through the application, enhancing the efficiency of local businesses and contributing to employment growth. Each showroom and the digital platform will synergize to ensure seamless sales and customer satisfaction.

For More Information

Meta Trade Game World is committed to fulfilling the needs of its customers and creating a comprehensive and reliable shopping experience through both physical showrooms and digital platforms. Stay tuned for the launch of the MTG Shopping application and join us in our journey towards transforming the retail landscape.

About Meta Trade Game World

Meta Trade Game World is a forward-thinking company dedicated to integrating traditional market practices with modern digital solutions. By focusing on extensive product ranges, customer satisfaction, and employment generation, the company is set to revolutionize the retail industry.






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