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Xpdea Unveils New Features to Revolutionise Online Free Classifieds in India

Xpdea, India’s leading free classifieds in India, is delighted to announce our latest range of features built to improve user experience and greatly help business visibility. With this update, we strive to grow as the best place for consumers to access credible business information and for businesses to gain larger online prominence.

 New features for a great user experience at Xpdea:

  1. Enhanced Search Functionality: We’re also using more accurate and clutching search algorithms to give users better results – that is, helping users find the right business for them more quickly.
  2. Verified Business Listings:  Adding an additional layer of trust, Xpdea free classifieds can now offer a badge of verification for companies that have been sufficiently vetted so that consumers can be sure they are connecting with the correct business.
  3. User Reviews and Ratings:  We optimised our review system to ensure that reviewers are verified users, that the rating criteria is comprehensive and clearly defined, and that consumers are able to respond to the reviews. The direct and open feedback mechanism gives consumers the knowledge they need to make better decisions, and businesses the opportunity to interact with their customers.
  4. Interactive Business Profiles:  The business profile’s layout is now much more interactive, with multimedia aspects that include a video introduction, image gallery and virtual tour facilities, allowing the prospective customers to interact with the business.
  5. Mobile App Launch:  Our response to the demand for mobile access is the Xpdea mobile app (available on iOS and Android) with features that include complete business listings, reviews, and special offers for on the go consumption.

Thoughts on the Interim Upgrades to the Platform

Supriya Bose, Founder and CEO of Xpdea, commented:

“These are important updates which would continue offering its modern services to consumers and businesses interacting with each other in Xpdea. These services are another manifestation of the company’s mission and dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction.

A user-friendly platform that would help consumers discover the best businesses in their area and allow businesses to reach a global audience is one of Xpdea’s current goals right now. Updates like these and more are to be expected while Xpdea struggles to offer smooth and safe services to its users.”


Xpdea is an innovative free classifieds website in India that connects customers and businesses in various industries. We were founded in 2021 and have extended our portfolio to 300+ unique categories. Get all the local listings of your preferred service provider like restaurants, hospitals, business services, and retail /shopping services.

Our directory helps users find any business instantly with most accurate and up-to-date results. Our vision is to continuously improve users’ experience and provide reliability in every field. Xpdea is one of the fastest growing online directories that can provide all local listings more accurately.

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