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TIGP Mrs. India wins International Crown and Title of Spirit of World Universal 2024 in USA

In a moment that has etched itself into the annals of the history of pageantry, Dr. Florence Helen Nalini, TIGP Mrs India has ascended to the pinnacle of grace and elegance, being crowned the prestigious International title of Spirit of World Universal at the World Universal Pageant held in Los Angeles, USA from 14th to 21st June 2024. Representing the vibrant spirit of India, Dr. Florence, a mentee of The International Glamour Project, a platform by Dr. Swaroop Puranik and Dr. Akshata Prabhu, has mesmerized the world with her profound charm, intelligence, ethereal beauty, and indomitable spirit, thus adding another jewel to her illustrious list of achievements.

Apart from India, the other countries participating in this International Pageant Competition were USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Japan, Bahamas and more. The contestants competed in various rounds like Fitness, Interview, Q & A and Evening Gown. This International Pageant was conducted on the Royal Carribean Cruise – Navigator of the Seas that embarked on a voyage from Los Angeles to Mexico and back. The contestants paraded in American Designerwear with scarlet blue Opening Number Cocktail Dresses and concluded the event with an Evening Gown. The World Universal Pageant embodies the spirit of inclusivity, acceptance and diversity. It crowns women who believe in spreading the message of equal opportunities across race, nationality, color, and gender.

To carry the spirit of philanthropy and togetherness across the globe is the responsibility of the Winner of ‘Spirit of World Universal’ and Dr. Florence will be doing exactly that once she returns to India. Her journey has enjoyed the unwavering support of her husband, Mr. Srinivas. Her foray into the resplendent world of pageantry began with an impressive third-place win at The International Glamour Project® Mrs. India in 2021. Her charisma further enchanted the global audience as she won the Glamorous People’s Choice Award in the international competition held in Florida, USA, in October 2022.

Hailing from the culturally rich city of Chennai, Dr. Florence’s journey is a tapestry of inspiration and elegance. Her participation in the highly-anticipated Mrs International and Ms. International World Classic 2023 competition in USA, marked a milestone of dedication and hard work in her journey as an International Pageant Contestant with loads of International Pageant related experience. Dr. Florence, has effortlessly balanced the roles of a businesswoman, entrepreneur, and mother, since the last three years with her Personal transformation transformational journey with The International Glamour Project (TIGP). Her international acclaim was further magnified as she graced the prestigious runway of Paris Fashion Week for TIGP Couture & Fashion in September 2023 as an International Model.

Yet, Dr. Florence’s journey is not just about personal achievements; it is a guiding light for significant causes which she mentions in her TEDx Talk. A holder of a World Guinness Book Record for organizing a Children’s Walkathon, she is a passionate advocate for child welfare. Her numerous accolades in Women Leadership and Entrepreneurship underline her dedication to empowering and inspiring women globally. Her mission to spread the message of the ‘Importance of Children’s Education’ is a testament to her unwavering commitment to societal transformation and meaningful change.

In her quest for excellence, Dr. Florence Nalini has also authored a book on Amazon, which chronicles her extraordinary journey from an ordinary woman to a reigning beauty queen, offering a wellspring of inspiration to readers worldwide. Furthermore, her presence in the web series ‘Journey of a Queen,’ Season 1, available on the YouTube Channel of The International Glamour Project, enables her to share her remarkable story with a global audience.

As Dr. Florence Helen Nalini continues to illuminate the global stage, her life story unfolds as a symphony of determination and grace. We extend our heartfelt congratulations for her triumph and eagerly anticipate the further heights she will conquer bringing pride to India.

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