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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Tecto, Payhuddle’s Level 3 Testing Tool, achieves qualification from UnionPay and JCB International.

Bengaluru, India, 8th May, 2024 – Payhuddle, a leading payment solutions organization, proudly announces the qualification of its EMV terminal Level 3 test tool, Tecto, by UnionPay International for Contact IC card and QuickPass (contactless), as well as by JCB International for Terminal Check for Implementation (TCI) for both Contact and Contactless. 


This significant achievement means that Tecto is now recognized for EMV level 3 testing by UnionPay and JCB International, along with other major international payment brands such as Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and Amex. Tecto stands out as one of the pioneering tools to attain EMVCo qualification for its card simulator, TT, TSE, and HS modules. 


UnionPay and JCB International, as prominent global payment brands, wield substantial market influence in their respective regions – UnionPay in China, South Asia, and Central Asia, and JCB in Japan, China, South Asia, Korea, and the Middle East. Their expansion into North America, Europe, and Africa further solidifies their impact on the global payments landscape.


Moreover, Payhuddle is a trusted D-PAS End-to-End certification provider and Discover consulting services provider. This enables us to deliver end-to-end terminal testing and certification services for the entire Discover Network. Recognized by Visa as a chip vendor-enabled service (CVES) provider, Payhuddle conducts Visa L3 Global Unified Testing and certification for contact and contactless terminals.


With a strong presence in over 45 countries, Payhuddle ensures the delivery of quality, reliable, and efficient testing and certification services to clients worldwide.


By leveraging Payhuddle’s services and solutions, acquirers and processors globally can: 


Reduce certification time: Accelerate launch schedules for UnionPay, JCB International, and other major global payment networks

Enhance terminal security: Ensure robust security and reliability for terminals

Simplify testing processes: Navigate complexities seamlessly and streamline testing processes


Indranil Chakraborty, Head of Product & Consulting at Payhuddle Solutions, expresses excitement: “This certification marks a pivotal moment for us, empowering our clients to accelerate their launch schedules for UnionPay & JCB International while seamlessly aligning with the latest certification standards of EMVCo and payment brands.”


Sabapathy Narayanan, Marketing Head of Payhuddle Solutions, highlights Tecto’s evolution: “In 2024, Tecto underwent a transformation by extending its support to UnionPay and JCB International. This advancement underscores Tecto’s evolution as a comprehensive EMV Level 3 terminal certification testing platform across major international payment brands. Expect even more groundbreaking updates as we relentlessly innovate within our product line.”


About PayHuddle


Payhuddle is a payments solutions organization that offers qualified test tools, simulators, live test analyzers, certification consulting, certification services, certification-ready kernels, test tool development, and product development for the entire payment ecosystem.


Payhuddle works on the latest implementations like SRC, QR payments, mobile payment apps, and Open APIs. Payhuddle also offers Outsourced Product Development and Resource Augmentation services.


For more information, please visit www.payhuddle.com.


Media contact information:


Karthik Gowrishankar


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